The project involves XML conversion project which is adopted to convert Chinese Language content from source data to the publisher’s new XML data model.

The model’s formal specification is in the form of a Document Type Definition (DTD), together with a descriptive Specification of Text Structure (STS).

The project specifies the XML data model for a Chinese language A-Z dictionary. In this project TIESPL worked in chinese languge dictionary converted into XML format which is conforming to client specified DTD with UTF-8 encoding. The input is searchable Pdf and output is the single Xml for the series A-Z.

1. Sample                     Input             Output



The project deals with the content takes the form of various online courses aimed at English speakers learning a foreign language. We have agreed to create content for four languages: Spanish, French, Italian and German. Courses offered will be aimed at four different levels:

1. Basic Conversation

2. Beginner

3. Intermediate

4. Proficient.

All content is being compiled in Microsoft Word – once the content has been completed, it needs to be converted into XML adhering to a DTD specific to this project. Each course is well-structured and contains various types of content including text, underlying meta-data and links to media files (audio, video).

1. LM                        Input             Output



The project involves converting Tiff images into Xml format conforming to “journalpublishing3.dtd” TIESPL supplied XML based on individual article with images extracted from the input scanned images.

The input journal has various complexities such as mathematical equations, images tables and with special characters. The mathematical equations are captured and integrated in XML conforming to MathML2.dtd and tables are coded based on XHTML Table Module.

1. Journal XML                        Input             Output



The project involves converting the text pdf into XML conforming to the prostbook.dtd. This book is a computer book which is full of computer programs, images, tables and special characters.

The tables are coded based on CALS module and computer programs are captured using element and alignment are done as per the input.

1. French XML                        Input             Output