TIESPL offers a diversified portfolio of services, each with its own dedicated team. Our growth, both in terms of scale and the solutions we provide our clients, has been organic yet rapid. We have been extensively catering to Global Localization Companies and Global Publishers. We have responded to the soaring demand of all our services by scaling up our team and production capacity, strengthening each service into a self-sufficient vertical. We provide:


As ePub rapidly becomes the standard for the electronic publishing industry, serious publishers and eBook reader device manufacturers are adopting it to reach their audiences.

Data Conversion

The world is turning digital, and with this change comes an exponentially increasing need for converting all existing data into digital format and creating digital content.

Multilingual DTP, Translation & Localization

Business around the world need to give communications in the native language of their global customers,business partners, and employees.

POD (Print On Demand)

Tutis offers POD (print-on-demand) services in India for global publishers.