POD ( Print On Demand )

A one stop service provider catering to all your publishing needs right from Digital composition to creating print ready books, Printing solutions (Print Run/POD) as well as market your titles for sale to a target 300 Million customers.

Printing Service

  1. Transactional Digital Printing

  2. POD Books

  3. Offset Printing

  4. Envelopes

  5. Warehousing & Inventory Services

  6. Fulfillment Services

  7. Franking License

Market Books in India with the Tutis End-to-End Service

  1. Tutis represents a publisher in India to market their books at no additional cost.

  2. Improve financial performance of your backlist titles by printing in smaller runs.

  3. Tutis helps in promoting books in all domains at no additional fee.

  4. Shipment of titles in India within 5 working days.

  5. The existing network of ecommerce sites can help reach a target audience of 300 million customers.

  6. Software that allows a publisher to control printing of titles when a purchase order arrives.

  7. Complete audit trail is provided to the publisher.