e-Publishing Services

Editorial Services

Editorial services are an integral part of any medium related to words. Adapting to different style guidelines of writing, we adhere to impeccable standards of presenting information with fact-checking, proof reading and copy-editing processes. We provide Indexing and Abstracting that make content better organised and accessible.

Composition / Typesetting

A well composed page is essential to communicate its contents well. Composition includes template creation or design that helps you organise your content visually. We specialise in digital typesetting with the latest software such as InDesign, Frame Maker, Quark Express and Latex.

Art & Design

Tutis caters to the requirements of end-to-end illustration and design solutions for books, manuals, journals, brochures, advertisements and reference works. We can provide services from design conceptualization to final output stages. Our experienced graphics team can visualize and design creative covers based on your concepts. Tutis design studio facilitates quick revisions to honour the deadlines. Some of the activities undertaken by its studio are:

  1. Hand sketching
  2. Raster/Vector processing
  3. Relabeling and redrawing
  4. Color enhancement and manipulation
  5. Digital proofing
  6. Technical and medical drawing
  7. Image / Photo - Retouching / Editing / Enhancement

XML & Non-XML Workflow

XML makes it effortless for publishers to work with content in large volume. Workflow creation defines the operational cycle and provides opportunities to tweak it for competitive strengths. Our expertise in the design and creation of XML & Non-XML Workflow for content management has helped publishers improve revenues consistently.

eBook / ePub Conversion

As ePub rapidly becomes the standard for the electronic publishing industry, serious publishers and eBook reader device manufacturers are adopting it to reach their audiences. TIESPL adds value across the electronic publishing process and is poised to lead with its ePub conversion expertise for global clients to expand the reach of their content.

Following is a consolidated table of all the formats that we are able to provide conversion services for:


eBook Reader Format
Kindle .azw
Open eBook .opf
Microsoft reader .lit
Mobipocket/sony .mobi/.prc
ePub(IDPF) .epub

Interactive & Multi-media

Apart from distribution of content, businesses today are required to make an impact at various touch points, whether it is with the trade or with the consumer. We create CDs, DVDs, interactive presentations, simulations, marketing collateral and eBooks that help promote a business. Apart from this, we create computer based training programs specific to a client's objectives. These not only engage the audience but also present the content in a lucid and far-reaching manner.

Domain Expertise:

  • Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) publishing
  • Multi-volume reference publishing
  • Educational and Textbook publishing
  • Professional and trade publishing
  • Elementary-High School (El-Hi)/K-12 publishing
  • Periodicals/Journals/Magazines
  • Academic Institutions/Universities
  • Trade/Professional Associations
  • Multi-language typesetting